It’s More than Coding

Helping enterprises get the most out of cloud-based applications is more than a technical exercise. Often, enterprises need to make changes to their processes to support cloud based networking.

Cloud Age uses a proven methodology, backed by years of experience to make this happen. Our Cloud Application Enablement solution uses a customer-centric approach that has proven effective with organizations of all sizes, from start-ups, to the mid-market, to Fortune 500 enterprises.


We start with a collaborative review of key applications, processes and procedures,  getting input from executives, IT managers and end users.

Documentation and Analysis

Using our proprietary lifecycle management tools, we inventory applications to facilitate on-going management and analysis for our customers.  Then, based on our intellectual property and best practice information collected from past clients, we identify key gaps and weaknesses.


We provide an action-oriented roadmap with detailed recommendations, and, if necessary, follow on training and technical support.

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