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Emerging service providers face many significant challenges today. From customer acquisition to service delivery / onboarding to managing network services and acceptable margins while ensuring optimal service levels, emerging providers have their hands full. But how can service providers manage this complexity and deliver a seamless customer experience?

The answer is gpxcloud™

gpxcloud™ is Cloud Age Solution’s breakthrough SaaS lifecycle management solution. It provides end-to-end capabilities eliminating paper, spreadsheets and data re-entry. With gpxcloud™, service providers efficiently manage every phase of their operations. gpxcloud™’s analytics functionality increases visibility, control and productivity. gpxcloud™’s modules include:

Quoting and Ordering

gpxcloud™ makes sales and customer onboarding more efficient. Offering API-driven quoting and ordering provides automation and reduces delivery intervals. Having access to quote and service order information in the application also ensures more effective sourcing and auditing.


gpxcloud™ provides a robust network inventory capability to track key inventory items such as circuits, number resources, SIP trunks, network equipment, etc. With a unique 360 degree view, gpxcloud™ provides visibility to orders, tickets, contracts, expiration dates, billing info, sites, etc. related to inventory items ensuring effective lifecycle asset management.

Financial Management

gpxcloud™ provides the necessary functionality to maintain an optimal cost environment. This functionality includes fixed and usage charge validation, dispute filing / management, automated expense accounting and user interfaces with powerful charge analysis capabilities that allow providers to enjoy unmatched control and visibility into their spend.

Contract Management

gpxcloud™ provides key contract management functionality that includes a contract repository, ability to relate inventory items to contracts, track spend against contract commitments and manage early termination fees and network portability.

Usage Management

Being successful in the voice business today requires expertise in sourcing, routing, network / carrier management and traffic analysis. gpxcloud™ offers the ability to perform switch to bill reconciliations, trunk utilization analyses, call termination performance analyses (including support for FCC Rural Call Completion reporting) and many more impactful usage analytics.

Service Management

Providing exceptional service levels requires the ability to manage service impacting issues as they happen. gpxcloud™ supports this mission by providing the capability to open and manage tickets ; relate tickets to services, sites, equipment ; identify impacted customers based on network hub failures ; and provide information for vendor stewardship meetings and SLA filing.


Perhaps the most important capability within gpxcloud™ is its analytics capabilities. Analytics provide the necessary information to make key value creating decisions. All aspects of the application’s data model are available for reporting and analytics. Powerful self-service analytic exploration and reporting capabilities are provided where users can create, run and schedule powerful custom analytics. Additionally, users can choose to run the many reports and visualizations included in the application.

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