Introducing gpxcloud

The first Saas Lifecycle Management Application for Cloud and Next Gen Networks:

  • Supports scalable customer growth
  • Drives enhanced profitability
  • Delivers phenomenal customer experience



SaaS Lifecycle Management Platform – gpxcloud™

The telecom lifecycle is likely one of the most difficult set of interrelated processes to manage. Without automation and visibility to key events and data, today’s operators are subject to a multitude of events that restrict growth, reduce profitability and harm customer experience. Cloud Age’s gpxcloud SaaS Lifecycle Management platform was built to solve many of the use cases that destroy value in the emerging carrier space.



Platform Functionality:

  • Connectivity Quoting
  • Connectivity Ordering / Provisioning
  • Network Inventory
  • Network Financial Management
  • Network Vendor Contract Management
  • Usage Management
  • Business Intelligence


  • Provides scalable growth platform
  • Drives improved profitability through visibility, automation, improved decision making
  • Enables delivery of enhanced customer experiences through improved network quality, faster quoting, ordering, and provisioning

Vendor Quoting Features & Benefits:


  • Email,Contract, API Quoting
  • Off-net, On-Net support
  • Address validation via API
  • Automatic hub identification
  • Integration to CRM possible


  • Faster, cheaper quotes
  • More accurate quoting
  • Manage large volumes with same staff levels
  • Leverage qoute data for BI

Managed Services:

It takes more than technology and process to achieve stellar results. People are the key to creating and maintaining a high performing organization. Cloud Age offers the following managed services staffed by experienced telecom experts to fill the gaps in key service areas:

  • Least Cost Routing (we also provide a cloud-based LCR platform)
  • Regulatory Compliance / Reporting (filing /other services provided by TMI, Inc.)
  • Circuit Quoting / Provisioning / Ordering


With gpxcloud we have been able to reduce both our network expenses and internal management costs – all while better serving our customers through easy access to critical network information when we need it.
~ Mark Casey, CEO Apcela