Recently, a leading UCaaS service provider engaged Cloud Age Solutions to help with its network cost issues. It had been a long time since its contracts had been reviewed and its customers were asking for more aggressive market pricing.

  • View of which contracts were addressable for sourcing (i.e. those whose term had expired or were near expiration, or whose commitments had been fulfilled)
  • Inventory of services, including current volumes, rates, etc.
  • Projected volumes of service usage over the following 24 months
  • Understanding of key business and technical requirements


By utilizing Cloud Age Solutions’ expertise and Managed Sourcing and Call Routing services, the UCaaS provider achieved a dramatic 35% (~$3.25M) reduction in its overall usage spend. It also gained network agility and significant flexibility in its vendor contracts. The net result, according to it’s CEO, was not only improved margins, but also an improved customer service and retention.

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