Cloud Age: Your Partner for the Era of Disruptive Technologies

Enterprises, service providers and next gen carriers are embracing cloud computing, mobility, and software as a service. These technologies can accelerate time to market, improve customer service and lower costs. But they also pose new challenges:


All it takes is a credit card to deploy cloud based services. How do you make sure employees aren’t buying duplicate capacity? How do you track expenses?


How do you ensure applications conform with your security guidelines? How do you avoid proliferating backdoors into your critical data.


It’s easy to overspend on bandwidth. How do you optimize application performance at lowest possible cost per megabit?


Identifying one-time cost savings is great. How do you maintain long term, significant cost reductions?

Cloud Age: We Go Beyond Expense Management

Partner with Cloud Age. Our team has decades of experience in network engineering, management and optimization. We’ve helped top enterprises and service providers such as Earthlink, Mass Mutual, Fidelity and others optimize their financial and operational performance.

We do it through a comprehensive approach that not only results in better sourcing and invoice management, but also improved lifecycle management and network design. And we offer a powerful combination of professional services and robust network lifecycle management software that allows our customers to make dramatic, long term improvements in productivity, cost reduction and network performance.

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