The cloud age has ushered in an era where service management (i.e. xaaS) is paramount to maintaining both competitive margins for service providers and low cost infrastructure for enterprises.

The "cloud" presents new technologies and business / usage paradigms that require service providers and enterprises to rethink the tools and methodologies needed for lifecycle management. Cloud Age Solutions has been at the forefront of this profound shift in technology and services since its inception, and has developed software and service solutions to address the challenges posed by these new services / technologies.

The stakes have never been higher as they are now. Technological disruptions can render business models obsolete in a matter of months. Not keeping pace with technology is a recipe for failure. Cloud Age offers its service provider customers protection from disruptions by providing state-of-the-art software and service solutions.

Alternatively, what is disruptive to the service provider space can be transformative to the enterprise space. Cloud Age's software and services offer enterprises the opportunity to fundamentally change the game in the value they receive from telecom and IT services.